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Shayne Pruitt. 17. Riverway Reality RP.
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Main RP

While dancing in the Cabin|| Open 

It was around 2 p.m. when Shayne decided she needed to clean the her things, she has been having fun since the first day she came to Riverway this year, and the room was a total mess.

Socks, bikinis, dresses, make up, bottles, extra large t-shirts, shorts, books, cd’s, flip-flops all over the place, she couldn’t stand it anymore, and it wasn’t fair for any of her roommates. She started with picking up all of the clothing pieces and put them inside of a giant bag. While cleaning she normally listen to music, sing and dance all at the same time, you could say she’s weird, but you can have fun, cleaning.

Half-way to the end and Shayne was now picking up her favourite book, when suddenly she stumbled on the floor because of a bottle of beer. The glass broke right under her legs and she started bleeding, glass was inside her skin and it was hurting whenever she moved, even a little bit.”AAAAHHHHRR!!” She yelled, asking for help, holding up her tears “Help me!! Please!!! Help”. Nobody came, she continued the yelling, but the pain was unbearable, she couldn’t even feel her own legs, only pain.

As no one came, she tried to reach her cell phone to call 911, but the device was on the bed and she wasn’t near enough to grab it. The only way of drawing someone’s attention was to make a loud noise, but with what? And all of a sudden she noticed she was able to reach the battery plates, she grabbed the drumsticks and with all her strenght she hit the plates.

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